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Vacation on your mind but unsure where to start? Don’t worry! We believe holidays are important to everyone; it is what fuels us to get through our days at work. However, organizing a vacation can be difficult. Even though you are a decision maker and know exactly when and where you’re going, you still end up wasting hours upon hours mindlessly browsing through websites ensuring you have the best possible flight deal and the finest accommodation. There are lots of choices and information that can easily overwhelm you. With The Travel Authors, we simplify things. We happily take the weight off your shoulders and get you sorted! 


About Us

Founded by travel designers & experts, Karan & Anushka, The Travel Authors have grown to become a luxury travel company that specializes in bespoke luxury travel getaways. Our well travelled team of experts have curated tailor-made getaways for clients worldwide through meticulous planning and personalized attention to make sure their holidays only revolves around their travel standards and style. 

  • Stargazed overnight in the middle of the Sahara Desert 

  • Fed the Aldabra Giant Tortoises, one of the world's biggest species of tortoises, in Seychelles

  • Woke up to a direct view of The Great Pyramids of Giza

  • Soaked in a beautiful Maldivian sunset mirroring against the Indian Ocean

  • Watched Earth’s Northern Lights at negative temperatures in Iceland

From one continent to the other, exploring one corner to another, making memories under all weather – we’ve done it!


After traveling to a total of over 70+ countries (and counting), we know and we’d like for you to go! As Travel Designers, we listen carefully and script out an entire travel itinerary for you to follow through. We organize premium flights, hotel stays, handpicked dining suggestions, and even noteworthy experiences. Whether it is honeymoons or babymoons, anniversaries or any kind of romance, we ensure your getaway will be enhanced. The Travel Authors simply plans the trip and it's your turn to tell the rest of the story. 

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Why Us?

We know planning something so memorable in your life is often very stressful, especially with details and logistics. Here is where we come into place. We handle the pressure and specifics to get it right. We will craft, guide and put together your dream trip just for you, the way you like for it to come true. We tailor your trip on a realistic budget you present us. We are also able to advise on places to visit, hidden gems, and offbeat countries not on the tourist radar (just yet). With personalized attention to your needs, we design an entire travel experience and not something just ‘simply booked online.’ We are not travel agents as we do not itemize your bookings. As Travel Designers, we provide you a personalized package that speaks to your taste. 


How It Works


Reach out and tell us all about you, your budget, and travel goals.


For a minimal planning fee, we will script a detailed, personalized itinerary based on what you told. 

Revising & Editing

Don’t stress, we make sure every itinerary created has a happy ending. We will work with you making sure you like what you read. 


Your dream trip is a click away. Once you have agreed with our Terms & Agreement, the booking begins. We will confirm all stages of the itinerary. Start packing!

Our Services


Destination Consulting

Recommendations on where to go based on seasons, activities and interests. Entirely to your liking. 

Travel planning

Bespoke Trip Planning

We plan a trip and provide you informational content that you need for your trip. From where you will stay, how to get there and what to eat. It does not just stop there!

Travel Designers

Comprehensive Bookings

We book each and every element of the itinerary presented to you. From premium flights and hotels to restaurant reservations, spa appointments and more.


Reader's Inspiration

Experiences can be limitless but here’ are unique things that are possible. Do something different and get inspired! 



Luxury Glamping

Camp Luxuriously in the African Sahara desert overnight. When the sun sets, spot the constellations along Earth's Milky Way and make wishes under shooting stars. Experience the peaceful silence in which you can even hear a pin drop! 

Winery Hopping

Fuel your passion for everything wine by driving along the wineries of Napa Valley, California or Stellenbosch, South Africa in a private limosine. More drinks and no drive. 

Yatch in water
Beautiful House

Luxury Yachts

Sail on a luxurious voyage aboard The Ritz-Carlton Yacht collections. The Days at seas will never be dreadful. 

Reach Out

To get started, please fill out our questionnaire by clicking the button below to plan your trip so we can get to know you and your preferences better. Once we receive your questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to plan your holidays!

For any other type of enquiries that is not related to trip planning, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch. 

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