Frequently Asked Questions

What are we all about and how does your services work? 

We are all about experiencing what this beautiful world has to offer and making memories along the way. Upon filling out the questionnaire on our website, we will get in touch with you to understand your personality and your travel goals in greater detail. Understanding our clients personally is the best way to plan something according to their taste & style. Once we know your travel goals, destination of choice and preferences, we will begin drafting your travel plan by charging a minimal planning fee. This fee covers all the research that will be done to figure out hotel availability, transportation schedules/rates, excursions and much more. Time is money.


What if I am unhappy with the itinerary you plan for us?

We start with destination consulting. Once we have firmed up where you would like to explore, we will begin working based on that destination of choice.  We want all of our clients to be satisfied with their travel plans, hence, we will make changes until it suits your needs. We provide different hotel options and things to do at different price points. We do not charge additional for changes within the same itinerary/ destination of choice. 


When I give you my budget, what should I consider?

We plan a wide variety of trips but we need to understand your price range in order to plan something to your style and get you the most out of your money. The budget you provide us will NOT  include day to day personal spending like food & shopping. Only keep in consideration for the following: hotels, tours, activities and transport. Need help figuring out what a realistic budget might be for your destination? Just ask us, we can help!


Why should I book with you?

Well, there are plenty of reasons! Firstly, we are full of ideas and also very resourceful; we can assist you with almost anything you’d like to experience. Also, We work with well-established luxury travel vendors across the globe to bring you the best services, including those affiliated with Virtuoso. We only work and provide you services with trusted vendors that have plenty of experience at hand. Hence you can be assured that everything we do will go smoothly!

Our relationship with vendors all over the world allow us to provide you not only with special rates, but also with special complimentary amenities and VIP treatments wherever you travel. These amenities usually includes a complimentary room upgrades (upon availability during check in), complimentary breakfast, resort or spa credits and WIFI. Please note that we are not a travel agency, and don’t aim to be one. Our goal is to provide our clients with an experience that you cannot receive by booking online. 

Keep in mind, there are no apps, booking sites, nor technology software that can understand people, their likes and dislikes and come up with a tailormade travel itinerary that would provide you with an elevated experience. Only human to human contact with experiences and knowledge can get you a personalized journey, tailor made, just for you and that is why you should book with us!